• We Solve:

    Outdated Processes

    Legacy hardware perpetuates the past. The slow preparation of slides creates delayed results, lengthens patient anxiety, and interrupts treatment. Patient satisfaction is directly impacted.

  • We Solve:

    Slide Retrieval

    Stored tissue is expensive to retrieve. This antiquated process results in broken and lost slides, archival and retrieval costs, tissue re-cuts, and more delays for returning patients. 

  • We Solve:

    Artifacts & Slow Processing

    Compared to physical slides, our platform produces zero artifacts, generates significantly faster results, and supports multilevel viewing.

10% Histotechnology Vacancy Rate

There are tens of millions of biopsies ordered each year, and not enough histotechnologists to process them.

The vacancy rate for histotechnologists, trained medical professionals tasked with processing tissue samples for microscopic examination and eventual diagnosis, is approaching 10% due to an aging workforce and fewer histology programs to train new entrants.

Revolutionizing pathology. Reducing medical errors. Lowering cost.

Until Applikate's fully automated tissue processing and digital imaging platform, traditional pathology remained unchanged for a century. Even modern digital slide scanners add labor and equipment costs, create more steps, and permanently capture imperfections in the slide ("artifacts").

All of these layered processes, costs, imperfections, lengthy turnaround times, and physical limitations are resolved with Applikate's patented pathology platform.

No artifacts

Eliminate extraneous factors

No delays

Same-day diagnosis

0 steps

Down from over 20 manual steps

> 0 hours

Down from 16 hours

Some Of Our Advisors

Dick Hamrick

Dick Hamrick

Investor, Physician, Medical Expert, and Business Advisor
Donald Plewes

Donald Plewes

Investor, Professor, and Medical Device Expert
Ron Bridges

Ron Bridges

Investor, Physician, Medical Expert, and Professor
John Turner

John Turner

Medical Expert, Pathologist, and Business Advisor


Consulting physicians, dispersed across a health network, collaborating in real time.

Physical slides may result in poor quality images which impede diagnostics and result in time-consuming and inaccurate results when deriving cell-type counts. Slides complicate the ability of medical specialists to collectively review the patient’s condition and collaboratively determine the best treatment plan.

The time and cost of producing physical slides constrains the number of slides per patient that a pathologist reviews, limiting the diagnostic information at their disposal.

Tissue processing steps are done by a diminishing number of expensive histotechnologists. In reducing manual steps, their workload eases as their yield improves. With the Applikate platform, pathology departments produce more and save more.


Applikate's hardware fully transforms the histopathology process by enabling globally accessible images.

For Investors

A fifth-generation breakthrough device that captivates leading pathologists, academic hospitals, and venture capitalists.


Designed by pathology leaders and medical device experts to be used by professional pathologists and histotechnicians.

Expert Advisors

Meet our 20 experts in medical devices, education, technology-driven entrepreneurship, hardware and software development.

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Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
Machine Learning

William Tunstall-Pedoe

Investor, Technology Expert, and Entrepreneur
William Tunstall-Pedoe is an entrepreneur who founded the British voice-assistant company Evi, which was purchased by Amazon in 2012 and became the basis for Amazon Alex and Echo devices. William mentors and invests in innovative startups and has holdings in more than 70 companies.
Virginia Commonwealth University
Yale University

John Turner

Medical Expert, Pathologist, and Business Advisor
John Turner trained as resident and fellow at Duke University University Medical Center receiving his boards in Anatomic, Clinical, and Dermatopathology. A practicing pathologist, he is the HCA/ForwardPathology Solutions Capital Division Medical Director and Chief of the Medical Staff for CJW Medical Center. Dr. Turner is a medical advisor to Applikate.
University of Cambridge

Andrew Nutter

Investor, Technology Expert, and Entrepreneur
Andrew is the co-founder of Gama, a deep space exploration company. He is an investor in over 60 companies across a range of industries, from synthetic biology to nuclear fusion. Previously, Andrew built Westwing, a publicly listed home and living ecommerce business across Europe, Russia, and Brazil. He is a veteran of Balderton Capital and McKinsey & Company.

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Randolph-Macon College

Dick Hamrick

Investor, Physician, Medical Expert, and Business Advisor
Dick Hamrick is a pulmonary/critical care physician with a long history of diverse and broad leadership positions including as a Divisional Chief Medical Officer for HCA. Dr. Hamrick serves as a healthcare consultant and as an advisor/board member for Applikate and several early stage companies.

Ron Bridges

Investor, Physician, Medical Expert, and Professor
Ron Bridges is a Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterologist at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. He has held several senior leadership roles, authored more than 40 papers and is actively involved as a mentor at the Creative Destruction Lab. Ron is an angel investor with an interest in medical devices and health care innovations.

Julie Cook

Investor, Information Technology Expert, and Business Advisor

Julie is CIO of Ensemble IP and an investor in Applikate. She has extensive experience managing software development, software implementation, data science, and IT security projects. Previously, she led a Health Information Management (HIM) department; and provided consulting, implementation, and training services as part of the delivery of HIM software to hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Donald Plewes

Investor, Professor, and Medical Device Expert
Donald Plewes is Professor Emeritus from the Department of Medical Biophysics of the University of Toronto. His career has been devoted to research in the physics of medical imaging and has included x-ray imaging, computed tomography, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging with clinical applications. His research proceeds from bench science and clinical trials; and has led to the successful commercialization of advanced technologies for breast screening and magnetic resonance imaging.

Dr. Plewes has published widely, holds numerous patents, and is an investor in and expert advisor to Applikate Technologies.
MSc, Aviation Systems
University of Waterloo
Royal Military College of Canada/Collège militaire royal du Canada
Royal Roads University

Chris Hadfield

Investor, Astronaut, and Technology Expert
Chris Hadfield is an engineer, military fighter/test pilot and thrice-flown astronaut, having done two spacewalks and commanded the International Space Station. He is an advisor/director for multiple high-tech companies, and leads the Space stream at the Creative Destruction Lab tech incubator. Chris is a four-time internationally best-selling author, a professor at U Waterloo and online at Masterclass, and has created/hosted TV series with both BBC and National Geographic. Chris is an investor in Applikate Technologies and serves as an advisor to the company.


Eben Olson, Ph.D.

Lead Engineer
Eben Olson, Ph.D. is an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Yale University, where he has been a member since 2013. His graduate degree is in Applied Physics with a focus on Biomedical Optics. Eben has been performing research involving development of software tools and methods for processing, visualization, and analysis of large image datasets. He is a core contributor to neural network framework modules in Python and has competed successfully in a number of data science competitions on kaggle.com and drivendata.org. He has extensive experience in electronics, machining, CAD, and optical design, having constructed several advanced multiphoton microscopes including design of control boards, optical element assembly, and embedded control software as well as having written Applikate’s StackStreamer software. In part through management of the engineering and clinical consultants. His primary responsibilities include engineering development, software conversion efforts, technical assessments and performance monitoring, component fabrication, hardware and software systems installations during clinical study, and directing engineering support during data acquisition.

Cohort 4 Full Time, Certificate 2019

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

William & Mary – Raymond A. Mason School of Business

William & Mary

David Hunt, MBA

Executive Chairman
Dave Hunt is Executive Chairman of Applikate. He is also the CEO and majority shareholder at Ensemble IP. Previously, he owned and led Landon IP, a large professional patent search and analytics company with operating offices in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, India, and China. He is an early-stage investor in several medical device and AI-focused companies and led the Seed Series round for Applikate Technologies. He leads the business functions of Applikate and chairs the Board of Directors. He is a graduate of the College of William & Mary (B.A., ‘87, M.B.A, ‘93) and the Harvard Business Analytics Program (’19). Dave speaks English and Japanese.
University of Rochester

Michael Levene, Ph.D.

Founder, Co-CEO
Michael Levene pioneered the combination of multiphoton microscopy, the optical clearing of tissue and its application to pathology. He served on the faculty of Yale University from 2004 to 2014, after which he co-founded Applikate. Michael holds 20 granted U.S. Patents, authored 32 publications, and raised more than $6.3 million in research support between 2007 and the present.
Prior to joining Yale,  Michael was a Research Associate in Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell University, where he worked with Prof. Watt Webb and co-invented zero-mode waveguides for single molecule DNA sequencing, the technological foundation of Pacific Biosciences, Inc.
Yale University School of Medicine

Richard Torres, M.D.

Founder, Co-CEO
Rick Torres is a pathologist and biomedical engineer with expertise in medical laboratory instrumentation. He is board certified in Clinical and Anatomic Pathology and has worked as an independent consultant on commercial medical diagnostic devices. His clinical interests include flow cytometry, pathology informatics, and next generation sequencing for hematologic malignancies, having served as medical director of clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, and flow cytometry laboratories. Rick Torres co-invented the novel histology techniques and devices developed by Applikate, served on the faculty of Yale University, co-founded the company, serves as Co-CEO, and holds several seminal patents. He maintains an adjunct appointment at Yale where he continues to perform part-time clinical interpretative work.